Is Hospice right for you?

To asses weather hospice care is right for you, consider the following circumstances:

• Loss of function or physical decline
• Increase in hospitalizations
• Multiple medical conditions
• Continuing weight loss
• Dependence in activities of daily living

Do you qualify?

Anyone who’s physician certifies that the patient has a life limiting illness not responding to curative treatment

Who pays for it?

  • MEDICARE. Hospice is a covered benefit under Medicare Part A for patients with a prognosis of six months or less to live if the disease runs it’s normal course
  • MEDICAID. Usually not covered in many states.
  • PRIVATE INSURANCE. Many private health insurance policies and HMO’s offers hospice coverage.
  • TRICARE. Hospice services are covered under Tricare.
  • UNITEDHEALTHCARE AND AETNA. Must be insured through private plans for hospice coverage and benefits